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From 2005/2009 here...
Feb 10 steam gala here...
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Vintage Carriages Trust Museum

Vintage Carriage Trust MusemThe Vintage Carriages Trust (VCT) is situated next to the the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway at Ingrow Railway Centre, near Keighley, West Yorkshire.

The Museum is a volunteer body whose main aim is the preservation of wooden bodied carriages.

Vintage Carriages Trust  MuseumThey are open every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day from 11:00am to 4:30pm, there is an admission charge. Contact (01535) 680425 for details. The Museum has wheelchair access. You can take a 360 degree view inside the Museum more...

There is a shop selling out of print transport books, magazines and items of railwayana such as lamps and cast-iron railway signs. The museum has toilets.

1st class compartment
Picture left is an 1898 3rd class compartment, with its luggage rack and leather upholstered seats. Contrast it with picture right a basic compartment with wooden benches. You can take a 360 degree view inside the 3rd class compartment more...
3rd class compartment

Seven Compartment Third Class Brake CarriageSeven Compartment Third Class Brake Carriage Metropolitan Railway No. 427. The Guard's brake compartment takes up the space of two compartments. The Guard had responsibility for the train; ensuring all doors were shut, signal the "right way" to the Driver, keep a record of times and any delay, and able to deal with any emergency that may happen.

Metropolitan Railway Coat of Arms Metropolitan Seven Compartment First Class Carriage Metropolitan Railway No. 509

Picture left is the Metropolitan Railway Coat of Arms used shortly after the 1905 electrification.

Top left: the Cross of the City of London. Top right: the pre-1910 County of Middlesex. Lower left: The Swan of the County of Buckinghamshire. Lower right: the Hart of the County of Hertford in a sitting position. The background of a crimson and ermine mantle is topped by a clenched fist radiating electrical energy.

Three-wheeled ScammellThree-wheeled Scammell Mark II 6 ton "Mechanical Horse" Tractor Unit. Built in 1946, painted in London & North Eastern Railway Blue livery.

Built in the 1930's these vehicles were frequently used as railway parcel delivery service. They were able to pick up and drop off trailers quickly, using an automatic coupling from inside the cab.

In July 2002 Greater Manchester Police issued a speeding ticket to the Museum. The prosecution notice was for the three-wheeled Scammell which the Police said had been caught on camera speeding at 44mph in a 30mph zone along Bury Road, Bolton. The Trust was able to prove that at the time of the offence, the vehicle was undergoing restoration and was not capable of the claimed speed, 18mph with a light load is more appropriate. The police examined their photo and discovered it was the numberplate from a Belgium car.

Railway platform artifacts

Getting there:

By Road: Ingrow is one mile from the centre of Keighley on the A629 Halifax road, follow brown Museum signs. There is ample parking at the Museum.

By Bus: Buses from Bradford, Keighley, Haworth, Halifax and Hebden Bridge pass Ingrow Station gates Tel: 0113 245 7676 for Bus and Train information

By Rail: Travel to Keighley mainline stn, and use Worth Valley Railway to Ingrow West Stn. (Please note the Worth Valley Railway does not operate on certain days.)

For more details visit their website: www.vintagecarriagestrust.org

Pullman artifacts
First class. Cast-iron railway signs


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