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Steam Train Video Clip - KWVR - Timelapse of a Drivers eye view (385kb)

KWVR - Timelapse of a Drivers eye view (385kb)  

Time lapse of a Drivers eye view of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (KWVR) branch line. Journey starts at Keighley, on to Ingrow West, then Damems, through Passing Loop where you will briefly see the line token being exchanged, on to Oakworth then Haworth, finishing at Oxenhope. Above the stop/play buttons you will see the names of the stations appear as the journey progresses.

The line is approximately 5 miles long and the time-lapse is 23 seconds in duration, making the average journey speed 666MPH! The actual elapsed time taken to complete the journey was about 15 minutes.

The average gradient of the line is 1 in 70. The steepest sections are 1 in 56, as the train leaves Keighley station and between Ingrow and Damems.

The file size is 385kb and will take 1 - 3min on a 56k modem, you will need flash.

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