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Walk or Cycle from Haworth to Hebden Bridge

The route from Haworth TIC to Hebden Bridge is 8 miles long.

The route shown uses bridleway and is suitable for cyclists with a bike capable of tackling rough terrain. The steepest part of the route is Stairs and is difficult to cycle up.

From the TIC you could choose to go round the back of the church and take the path to Penistone Country Park, see walk here... At Penistone take the path to Drop Farm and head on to Leeshaw Reservoir.

The terrain is a mixture of tarmac, loose shale, stone, mud tracks; good walking boots are recommended.


Starting point is Haworth Tourist Information Centre.

Location: N53º 49 888 W001º 57 368 Elevation 800ft.

To the left of Haworth Tourist Information Centre, take the road West Lane, past the White Lion and continue.

Continue on, take the left fork and past the Sun Inn

Continue along up ahead take the left turn into Cemetery Rd and there is a left into Dimples Lane which is a steep climb.

Distance traveled 0.40 mile

Continue along Dimples lane which is a fairly steep climb, Penistone hill country park is on your right.

Continue along Dimples Lane

At the Junction take a right turn into Field Head Lane.

Take a right turn into Upper Marsh Lane and continue.

At the end of Upper Marsh Lane, turn left into Moor Side Lane and continue.

Distance traveled 1.53 miles, location: N53º 49 229 W001º 58 366 elevation 953ft.

Continue down Moor Side Lane

At the The Junction ahead turn right into Lee Lane. Distance traveled 1.96 miles, elevation 813ft

Continue along Lee Lane, ahead you will see Leeshaw Reservoir, the road surface is unmade. Follow the road round which turns into Bodkin Lane.

Continue along the reservoir is on your right at the end the road bends left. Distance traveled 2.54 miles, elevation 859ft. N53º 48 725 W001º 58 822

Follow the road and continue up Bodkin Lane.

Bodkin Lane is very steep and is sometimes locally known as "The Stairs" although this are is on the left of you, surface is a mixture of stone and patches of tarmac

Top of Bodkin Lane, Elevation is 1138ft, distance traveled 2.90 miles. The track is a mixture of small shale and stone.

Through the gate and continue.

Path climbs.

Highest point: Elevation 1376ft N53º 47 906 W001º 59 753 distanced traveled 3.49 miles. The track is level for a short stretch and then descends.

The track continues downhill, and there is a tarmac road called Thurrish Lane. Elevation 1235ft N53º 47 530 W002º 00 234 distanced traveled 4.01 miles.

Continue on, ahead is Whitehole farm

Just ahead there is a junction, take a right into Waste Lane. The road you were on turns into Grey Stones Lane, and joins onto to the A6033 Hebden bridge rd.

Elevation 1025ft N53º 47 293 W002º 00 524 distanced traveled 4.35 miles.


The path continues downhill, Paddock Beck is on the left, cross over the beck elevation at this point is 994ft;

Continue uphill, past the gate in the photo left the tracks name becomes Dick Dean Lane.

Up ahead there is a sheep shelter on the left, the track is called Baby House Hill Lane.

Elevation 1068ft N53º 47 004 W002º 01 012 distanced traveled 4.79 miles. Click on thumbnail for panorama.

Continue along the track up ahead there is a derelict farmhouse on your right, go through yard and continue. At Farmhouse elevation 1047ft N53º 46 706 W002º 01 035 distanced traveled 4.79 miles. The rough track just past the building on the right is called Coppy Lane.
Continue along you will come to a farmhouse on your left.

Just past the farmhouse elevation 988ft N53º 46 413 W002º 01 237 distanced traveled 5.49 miles.
Ahead to the left you can see Crimsworth Dene and Hebden Bridge in the distance, click on thumbnail for bigger picture.

The woods ahead are Crimsworth Dene, cross over the cattle grid and continue. Elevation 959ft N53º 46 340 W002º 01 290 distanced traveled 5.57 miles.


Left is Hollin Hall Hardcastle Crags the buildings of the National Trust. Continue along the track. Elevation 650ft N53º 45 745 W002º 01 202 distanced traveled 6.21 miles.

Continue through the Woodland path at Hardcastle Crags until you reach the car pak at the bottom. Elevation 533ft N53º 45 520 W002º 01 127 distanced traveled 6.56 miles.

From Hardcastle Crags continue along the road until you meet with the A6033 and take signs to Hebden Bridge it is about 1.50 miles further on.


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