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Walk to Haworth Steam Preserved Railway Station

The walk is approximately ½ mile long, mostly on cobbled* (setts) path. 

* The correct term is Setts. Cobbles are rounded pieces of stone similar to that found in river beds, they were set in clay always vertically. Setts are shaped pieces of stone and are close laid and pointed with mortar or bitumen. 

Tourist Information Centre, top of Haworth Main StFrom Tourist Centre head down Main St towards Church

Take a 360º view Haworth Main St by the Tourist Information Centre here...

Ordnance map here (external link - opens in new window)

Church stepsBy the church steps, look out for the stocks. In the past the offender was put in them for a period of time as punishment.Haworth stocks, Click here for bigger picture
The old Post Office in the Brontes times. Click here for bigger pictureThe gift shop by the stocks was the post office where the Brontes sent their manuscripts.

There is some confusion over which property on the Main St is the actual Post Office during the Brontes In the Trade Directory it states that between 1830-1857 William Hartley was Postmaster at Haworth, a  map of Haworth 1853 clearly shows the property in the photograph as the Post Office. 

In 1861 Edwin Feather became Postmaster, the post Office  located to another property, the Brontes were all dead by this time.

To confuse matters a book by Claude Meeker "Haworth home of the Brontes" (1895) claims a Samuel Feather as being the Postmaster. There is no known record of him as a Postmaster or living in Haworth. It has to be noted that at the time this book was published there was considerable interest in the Brontes and all sorts of claims were made.

Information about the Brontes more...

Sign outside the Black Bull.Black Bull. Next to the church is the Black Bull. 

This inn was frequented by Patrick Branwell Bronte, a copy of his chair is inside. I have to say he more than likely frequented other pubs in the village. The sign outside the Black Bull is rather misleading. The date 1817-1848 is his birth - death.

Regarding the claim about him being made secretary in 1883 of the 3 graces lodge is strange considering he died in 1848. 

The following are the key dates as noted in the lodge records:

1831 records a meeting of the lodge in the Black Bull, from 1833-1907 private rooms were used in Lodge St Haworth. Patrick Branwell Bronte was proposed and accepted into the lodge Feb 1st 1836. June 12th 1837 becomes secretary. 1842 is last time he attends the lodge.

ApothecarySign outside the Apothecary. Across the Main street is the Apothecary. 

It was the druggists house at the time of the Brontes, where Branwell Bronte bought laudanum, an opium derived drug.

Gauger's Croft.On your left there is  an archway that used to be called Gauger's Croft.

A Gauger is the old name given to the exciseman whose job it was to put down illicit distillation and smuggling.

It is a possibility that this area was used for storing wines and spirits in Croft buildings, the archway connected to a row of terraces which was called Brandy Row.


Main St the Fleece Inn is on the right.Carry on down Main St, the Fleece Inn is on the right. On your left take the road which descends steeply. Look out for the cast iron railway sign set in the stone wall. Cast iron railway sign

Cross over Rawdon Rd, on the right is Haworth park. Take the cobbled rd Butt lane. Halfway down on your left is the former Haworth primary school which was built in 1896, opened in March 1897, and closed in 2001. 

Bottom of Butt laneAt the bottom of Butt lane the road changes from cobbles (setts) to tarmac. To the left there is a footpath to the railway bridge. 
The railway bridge Haworth railway Bridge
Haworth railway Bridge

Haworth railway station is ahead.

Find out more about the Haworth Steam Preserved Railway more...


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