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Railway Children Walk part 1

Taking in Main St Haworth, Oakworth station, Mytholmes tunnel, Ebor Mill, Haworth Station.

The walk from Haworth Main St to Haworth Station is about 2.4 miles long. You can check where you are at any stage by clicking on the numbered links which will take you to google maps. Part one of the walk is shown as blue markers

View Railway Children Walk in a larger map

1) Haworth Visitor Centre1) Haworth Visitor Centre
Starting from Visitor Centre (also known as Haworth Tourist Centre, TIC), elevation is: 795ft. Grid ref: N53°49.880 W001°57.339

The Tourist Information Centre was the Butchers shop in the film.

Take a 360º view Haworth Main St by the Tourist Information Centre here...

Head on down Main St.

2) Opposite Fleece Inn2) Opposite Fleece Inn
Continue down Main St, look out for Lodge St on your right, the house on the corner is where the children were given a small shovel for Mr Perks Birthday. 

At the Fleece Inn on the right, take the road left which descends steeply.
Cross over Rawdon Rd. 

3) Butt Lane3) Butt Lane
Continue down Butt Lane, the old school on your left. 360º panorama here... Distance you have walked is 0.2 of a mile, elevation is: 699ft. Grid ref: N53°49.802 W001°57.136
Information and history about the school here...

4) School and Community Centre4) School and Community Centre
Just past the school and Community Centre there is an unmade road. Turn left and continue to end and take a right turn. 

5) Acre Lane5) Acre Lane
Follow the path to the left, down to a Kissing Gate, go through and you are on Greenfields, continue on the path. 

Click on picture for more detail.

6) Greenfields6) Greenfields
At the end of Greenfields there is a Kissing Gate, go through and take the unmade road to your left, Greenfield Ter is on your left, straight ahead is Mytholmes Lane. Distance you have walked is 0.5 of a mile, elevation is: 730ft. Grid ref: N53°50.047 W001°57.044

7) Mytholmes Lane7) Mytholmes Lane
Continue down Mytholmes Lane, staying on the right hand side pavement.

8) Ebor Lane8) Ebor Lane
Cross over Ebor Lane. Continue downhill, at the bottom the road becomes Providence Lane. 

There are Toll House signs at each end of Ebor Lane. Information here...

9) Providence Lane9) Providence Lane

Continue uphill, opposite the row of cottages and before the mill chimney on your right is the footpath. Click on the picture for more detail.

10) ABC steps10) ABC steps
Distance you have walked is 1 mile, elevation is: 550ft. Grid ref: N53°50.381 W001°56.961

Climb the steps (locally known as the ABC steps as apparently there are 26 of them) and continue along the path, the railway can be seen on your right. Along the section they filmed parts of the paper chase and the landslide. You can glimpse Mytholmes tunnel. 

11) Footpath11) Footpath
Continue along the path. You can see the remains of the old street lamps still in the stone walls.

Click on the picture left for more detail.

Take a 360 view here...

12) Kissing Gate12) Kissing Gate
Distance you have walked is 1.2 miles, elevation is: 612ft, the highest point on the walk. Grid ref: N53°50.506 W001°56.690

Go through the iron kissing gate and continue along footpath. Click on the picture for more detail.

13) Station Road13) Station Road
Past the gate on the left is another kissing gate, go through and a turn right brings you on to Station Rd. Click on the picture for more detail.

14) Station Road14) Station Road
Continue downhill along Station Rd

15) Oakworth Station 15) Oakworth Station
Oakworth Station is on your left where much of the filming took place. About the station here... Distance you have walked is 1.5 miles, elevation is: 535ft. Grid ref: N53°50.469 W001°56.549

16) Perks Cottage16) Perks Cottage
Over the railway crossing on the left is a white cottage which was Perks Cottage in the film. The house next door has been recently added. Click on thumbnail for bigger picture.

Take a 360 view of Railway Crossing and Perks cottage here...

Continue downhill along Station road which bends round to the right.

17) Vale Mill17) Vale Mill
Continue along, under Vale Mill. Click on the picture for more detail. As you go under the tunnel there is a pillar on the right, it is one of the remaining stanchions that took the railway to the left before Mytholmes tunnel was built.

18) Hoot Corner18) Hoot Corner
Follow the road round left taking care as it is a blind bend known locally as "Hoot corner". Distance you have walked is 1.6 miles, elevation is: 505ft. Grid ref: N53°50.432 W001°56.717

19) Vale Fold Cottages (Paper Chase)19) Vale Fold Cottages (Paper Chase)
Continue along the road, take a right into the unmade road (start of Mytholmes Lane) which is Vale Fold Cottages which featured in the paper chase. Click on photo for bigger picture. 

20) Kissing Gate20) Kissing Gate
Past the cottages on your left, and past a paddock there is a Kissing Gate. Distance you have walked is 1.7 miles, elevation is: 525ft. Grid ref: N53°50.331 W001°56.736
Continue along path.

21) Gate21) Gate
Go through the gate, on your right is Bridgehouse Beck and on your left is a strip of land where the railway used to go before they built Mytholmes tunnel. Walking beside the Beck look out for Kingfishers more... and Dippers more... flying along the river.

22) Footpath22) Footpath
Continue along the path which runs beside the Beck. You can see remnants of some of the machinery used to control the flow of water for the Mills. Click on photos for more detail.  Distance you have walked is 1.9 miles, elevation is: 540ft. Grid ref: N53°50.156 W001°56.779

23) Mytholmes Tunnel. (Paper Chase)23) Mytholmes Tunnel. (Paper Chase)
Continue along, you can just glimpse Mytholmes Tunnel on your right, where the Railway Children see the runners in the paper chase sequence, and it was in the tunnel where Jim got his leg trapped. On the left side of the embankment is where the Railway Children would sit on the fence watching the trains Click on photo for more detail.  Distance you have walked is 2 miles, elevation is: 533ft. Grid ref: N53°50.131 W001°56.805

360º view Steam engine leaving Mytholmes tunnel towards Haworth here...

24) Railway Children End Sequence filmed24) Railway Children End Sequence filmed
At the end of the footpath the bridge on the right is where they filmed the end sequence of the film, Roberta holding a chalk board. The old metal bridge was replaced in the 1990's. Cross over Ebor lane. Click on photo for more detail. 

25) Ebor Mill25) Ebor Mill
Ebor Mill is ahead on your left. Take a 360 view here... Please note: The Mill burnt down on 14th August 2010 and was demolished soon after; News item here...

The earliest part of the mill are the buildings next to the road on your left which were built around 1819 by Hiram Craven, and were water powered. To the rear next to the tall chimney the spinning mill was constructed in 1850 by the Merrall family. In 1887 they built the large 5 storey Mill.

This Mill expansion is reflected in the growth of the railway network, the Keighley & Worth Valley railway was built in 1867 , many of the local mill owners such as Merrall's were directors of the railway.

26) Ebor Lane26) Ebor Lane
Carry on walking up Ebor Lane, as you get to the top look out for the Toll Sign set in the wall, it is the same description as the one earlier in the walk at 8) Ebor Lane.

27) Haworth Masonic Lodge
The building on your right (above the wall in the picture) is Haworth Masonic Lodge built in 1909. Information about the Masonic lodge here... At the Lodge distance you have walked is 2.2 miles, elevation is: 582ft. Grid ref: N53°49.988 W001°56.784

28) Haworth Railway Station

28) Haworth Railway Station
Continue walking along Mill Hey, you will see Haworth Railway Station on your right. Click on photo for more detail.

Final distance you have walked is 2.4 miles, elevation is: 556ft. Grid ref: N53°49.870 W001°56.921

Find out more about the Haworth Steam Preserved Railway here...


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